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230500-BC 25,000 m3 Sand Carrier / Conveyor Unloading, Suction Loading

This ship is a self-priming and self-unloading sand ship propelled by a stern model, twin engines, twin propellers, twin rudders, and diesel engines; There are four deckhouses at the rear. The six cargo holds are arranged in the cargo area. This ship is a cargo ship that uses its own belt conveyor to unload granular bulk cargo such as sand. Its overall length is 170.46 m, beam is 26 m and depth 10 m. GT/NT is 12501/7000. Sail power is 2 x 3300 hp, suction power is 9000 hp and conveyor power is 3000 hp.  Location: China

Price on request
230407-BD 57.8 m Low Air Draft Ro-Ro barge

Originally built for shipping airplane wings for Airbus in Wales. The low air draft and shallow draft makes it perfect for passing under low bridges and canals in cities. It has a low level cargo deck with 300 tons capacity, lift system to lower cargo pallet legs in to the hull for low air draft, and electronically controlled ballasting and draft/air draft measurement system. Cargo handling is done over the stern. Location: Nordic

Price on request
230300-BD 65 m, 1339 DWT Twin Screw Ro_Ro

Built in 2004 in Istanbul. The self-propelled barge has an over all length of 66.5 m, breadth of 64.63 m and depth of 16.6 m. GT is 975 and NT is 436. The barge is powered by 2 Baudouin engines with combined 2958 hp. Fuel capacity is 71.58 m3 and daily consumption is 11.32 m3. Passanger capacity is 40 including the crew.  Location: Eastern Mediterranean

USD 2,730,000
(USD 2,730,000)
230203-BL 16-tonne Floating Crane and Grab Dredger

Floating Crane built in 1989 with major repair to engines in 2021. The barge was built in 1990. Registered as Germany (ZSUK)"Unionszeugnis" gültig bis 27.10.2025. The barge is 32.0 m in length, 14.30 in width and has a depth of 3.0 m. Overall height is 9.20 m.The cranes is a Weserhütte W320 Caterpillar 6TB00262 215kW @ 2100 U/min. with a capacity up to 16 tonnes. Grabs for dredging are 5 m3 and 7 m3.  Location: Germany

EUR 477,000
(USD 507,447)
221004-BD 46 m x 16 m x 3 x Flat Deck Pontoon (Deck Barge) w/ Fuel Cargo Tank

This barge was originally built in 1994/95. It is registered Germany (ZSUK)"Unionszeugnis" valid till 20.01.2026 and classed Germanischer Lloyd 100 A 5 I "Ponton" - discontinued. It has a 20.000 liter diesel tank.  Location: Germany

EUR 412,000
(USD 438,298)
221001-BL 200 ton Crane Barge w/ American 9520 mounted crane

All welded deck barge with raked bow. Barge has an American 9520 - Deck mounted crane with capacity of 200 Ton. Boom length is 180-ft. The barge has a length of 250.1-ft, breadth of 60.1-ft and depth of 11.6-ft. The draft is 3.0-ft and GT is 1694.  Location: State of New Jersey, USA

USD 600,000
(USD 600,000)
220812-BH 57 m Hold Barge, 1135 DWT

Hold barge built in 1970 with certification that expires November 2024. The barge has a length of 57.38 m, width of 8.8 m and depth of 3.52 m. Available for purchase or rent.  Location: Netherlands

Available for sale or charter
220702-BA Twin 290-man Accommodations Barges

Year built 2009. The barge is 76.16 m (250-ft) in length and has a beam of 17.76 m (58-ft). Maximum draft is 3.0 m (9.84-ft). It has a fresh water capacity of 170 m3, fuel oil capacity of 80 m3 and sewage waste capacity of 580 m3. Equipment include (2) 800 kW CAT generator, (2) R.O. Watermakers, (1) Atlas Incinerator, (1) KenBay Trash Compactor, (1) 5 Ton Tech Hydraulic Crane and (1) Headhunter Waste Treatment System. The main deck has galley, dry food storage, (3) walk-in, freezers, 150 person dining area, control room, infirmary and Laundry Facility.  These barges are suitable to work while pier side or moored in sheltered waters, but they are not offshore vessels.   Location: State of Louisiana, USA

Price on request
220611-BD 30 m x 11.2 m Deck Barge DWT 500 tonne Deck Barge

Pontoon was completely re-installed at a wharf in Holland in 2014. It was completely sandblasted inside & outside and newly painted. Cargo capacity is 500 Ton. Deck load max is 6 Ton/m2. The barge has 2 electrically operated spuds, electrically operated anchor and winches and a 65A Power Pack.  Location: Germany

EUR 770,000
(USD 819,149)
220603-BF 20,000-tonne Floating Dry Dock

Cassion Dock for transportation and launching. The Dry Dock has a lift capacity of 20,000 Ton and a Max draft of 5.7 m. It has a length of 76 m, an inside breadth of 48 m and outside breadth of 60.0 m. Ballast pump capacity is 3,000m3/h x 12m x 180Kw. It has 2 deck cranes each 25 Ton x 43m 15m/min.

Location: Signapore

USD 16,350,000
(USD 16,350,000)
220602-BJ 3,600-tonne Lifting Jack Up Barge w/ 21 Pax Accommodations

48 x 28 x 4.5 m barge with 60 m legs. The jacking system is a SAMBO C.M.C. Lifting weight is 3600T and holding weight is 4,800T. Jacking speed up and down is 40 m/hr. The barge can operate in a depth of 40 m and wave height of 2.5 m. It has accommodations for 21 people. The barge was built in 2015 in Korea. Location: Chile

USD 13,270,000
(USD 13,270,000)
220600-BL 2,200-tonne Floating A-frame Crane Luffing Type

Built in 2014 in Korea, the floating crane barge is registered in Panama. It has a GT of 9205 Ton and NT of 2361 Ton. The max lifting capacity if 2,200 Ton with 2 JIB Luffing Type. Lift Height from deck is 87 m with a boom angle of 65 degrees.Outreach from bow is 29.3 m. Main Hook is 4 x 550 Ton with aux. hooks of 2 x 200 Ton.  Location: Kuwait

USD 20,410,000
(USD 20,410,000)
220307-BD 28.90 x 13.65 x 2.63 m Excavator Pontoon (Deck Barge)

The deck barge was built in 1976 and rebuilt in 2019. Comes with spud legs and lifting winches. Spuds (2) have a height of 14 m. Draft 0.65 m. Hydraulic vertical support legs built for the pontoon provides positioning depth of 12 meters. The total useful area of the pontoon is 394.5 m2.   Location: Baltic Sea

EUR 325,000
(USD 345,745)
220302-BS 200 m3 Self Propelled Split Hopper Barge

Barge reported in good and well maintained condition. Built in 2006 in Spain, the barge is classed as Spanish Authority - A2 (200 miles from coast). The hopper type is free fall hopper system. The opening is 2.5 m, capacity is 200m3 and area is 18 x 5.5 m. The barge is powered by 2 Cummins engines with 180 hp each. Location: North Africa

EUR 780,000
(USD 829,787)
211207-BS 550 m3 Self-Propelled Bottom Dumping Hopper Barge

Built in 1990 in Russia, the barge has a steel hull. It has a Class Scoieth and Notation of Phoenix 3nm offshore. Hooper capacity is 550m3 (719 yd3). It is powered by 2 overhauled VOLVO PENTA TD 162 with propulsion power of 2 x 220hp. Max speed is 9 knots and cruising speed is 6.5 knots.  Location: Black Sea

USD 1,430,000
(USD 1,430,000)
211205-BD 2840 DWT Deck Barge 60m x 20m x 4m (Flat Top Pontoon)

There are two sister ships for sale or charter. Deck plating is 16mm, extra heavy deck. The clear deck area is 1175m2 and a deck load of 20 ton/m2. The deck is accessible via bow & stern section for ramps (8 x 1.5 m each). The barge has 2 spud wells. Location: UK Coast

Available for charter or sale
211112-BD 49.6 m x 19.5 m x 4.3 m Flat Top Barge, 1,800-tonne Dead Weight

Available for charter. Built in 1977 in Italy the barge is non-self-propelled. Class is RINA International 20 nm Offshore. 49.6 m x 19.5 m x 4.3 m Flat Top Barge has a GT to 1080 tonnes. Free space for loading: complete - bollards under deck. Authorized RoRo embarkment: by ramp driveable capacity T90 - per axle - T 8.5.  Location: West Mediterranean

Available for charter
211111-BS 1,500 m3 Self-Propelled Split Hopper Barges

 Powered by 2 Cummins Diesel / KTA-19M2 Six-cylinder, four-stroke, supercharged engines. Propelled by 2 Azimuth thrusters. The 1,500 m3 hopper has a load weight capacity of 2300 T. The barge overall length is 66.7m, breadth of 14.2m and total width of 14.7m. Stud length is 64m. Hopper suitable for rock, stone, and mud. Location: China

USD 1,015,000
(USD 1,015,000)
211109-BS 128 m3 New Non-Propelled Split Hopper Barge

NEW BARGE – Just used for testing. Built in 2020. The 128 m3 hopper capacity has a load capacity of 150 tons. Barge opening system is with hydraulic actutors - Iveco diesel hydraulic unit new with 150hp. Length is 24.146 m and width is 7.520 m.  Location: Northern Europe

EUR 556,000
(USD 591,489)
211004-BJ 80-tonne Modular Jack Up Barge

18 m x 12 m dismountable jack up barge. Movable using 10 trucks (8 x 40-ft and 2 x 60-ft). Spuds are 18 m in length and wall thickness of 25 mm. The barge has a deck load of 15 t/m2 and a deck lifting capacity of 80 tonnes.  Location: Ireland

EUR 678,000
(USD 721,277)
211003-BJ 50-tonne Modular Jack Up Barge

15 m x 12 m x 1.5 m dismountable jack up barge. Movable using 5 trucks (3 x 40-ft and 2 x 60-ft). Spuds are 20 m in length and wall thickness of 20 mm. The barge has a deck load of 15 t/m2 and a deck lifting capacity of 50 tonnes. Location: Ireland

EUR 530,000
(USD 563,830)
210913-BJ 1,300-Tonne, 150-man Lift Barge with DP2

Available for charter or purchase. The platform is defined as a self-propelled Jack-up that is designed as according to a GustoMSC type NG-2500X which mainly designated for operation in worldwide ocean environments with sea water depths up to 70 m at all specified weather and the sea conditions stated in specification at that region. The unit is intended to be used as a basis for maintenance activities in oil and gas fields, and for permanent accommodation. Location: Persian Gulf

Available for charter or purchase
210911-BS 400m3 Split Hopper Barge

Built in 1983 in Germany, the hopper barge has a classification of Russian River Register (O-PR 2.0 (Ice 20)). The hopper has a capacity of 400m3 with a load of 850t. The barge is powered by 2 x 220 kW diesel engines. Loaded speed is 4 knots and empty speed is 10 knots. The barge has a length of 49.8m, a breadth of 9.0m and a loaded draught of 2.49m. Location: Baltic Sea

USD 678,000
(USD 678,000)
210902-BP 60-inch Pipe Lay Barge w/ DP and 1000-tonne Revolving Crane

Built in 1976 and fully rebuilt and upgraded in 2009. Capable of laying pipes up to 60" in offshore waters. Deck area is 1500m2. The barge can accommodate up to 280 persons. The main crane is a Clyde DE52 230 + 30 + 15 with capacity up to 1000t (fixed) at a radius of 22m and height of 66m. Location: Brazil

For Charter Only
210803-BW 54-feet x 30-feet Truckable Barge with Crane and 400-hp Push Boat

Barge is truckable in four pieces. 3 sections are 40-ft x 10ft each and 1 section in stern that is 14-ft x 30-ft. The stern section includes the galley and tool room. The barge has 4 studs each with a length of 45-ft. Spuds are raised and lowered using the crane. The crane is a self-propelled, diesel engine drive, four wheel drive and steer, rubber tired, rough terrain hydraulic crane. The Push Boat has a length of 25-ft and width of 13-ft 7-in. It is powered by 2 John Deer model: 6068TFM75A with engine hours of 565.  Location: State of New Jersey, USA

USD 425,000
(USD 425,000)
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