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90m Accommodation Jack Up Barge

90m Accommodation Jack Up Barge

This 90m Accommodation Jack Up Barge is a self-propelled, self-elevating unit designed and built for the offshore services at the operation water depth from 5m to 60m. The Unit is equipped with one 200t leg encircling crane and one 20t pedestal crane, large open deck space of around 1400m2, variable load of 1900t under elevated condition, one helideck and accommodation capacity of 300POB.

The Unit has four legs which make the Unit more reliable and can save the preloading time during elevating operation, as the preloading can be done dynamically via the diagonal legs, without requirement of ballasting.

The self-propulsion design of the Unit allows it to move in the field without assistance of the tugs, which will save the mobilization cost and time.

Also available for charter.

Location: China

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USD 33,835,000
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USD 33,835,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Classification Society/Notation:

Class Notation: ABS, A1, Self-Elevating Unit, Accommodation Services, AMS-NP, DPS-1, CRC, CPS, UWILD

  Length Over All: 85.1 m 279-feet
  Width Over All: 51.0 m 167.3-feet
  Length Moulded: 63.6 m 208.7-feet
  Breadth Moulded: 40.0m 131.2-feet
  Depth Moulded: 5.8 m 19-feet
  Design Draught: 3.0 m 10-feet
  Whole length of the leg (including spud can) 91.5 m 300-feet
  Dimensions of spud can: 11.7mx 11.7m x1.5m  
  Effective areas of spud can: 136.89 m2 x4
Main Performance Data:  
  Maximum operating water depth: 60 m 197-feet
  Design ambient temperature >0 ?, =50? >32 ?, =122?
  Normal lifting capacity of jacking system 6400 t  
  Jacking speed for hull 0.6m/min 2-ft/min
  Jacking speed for legs 1.2m/min 4-ft/min
  Sailing speed 4.5kn  
  Free deck area approx. 1400 m2 15,070-ft2
    One-man room 16
    Two-man room 10
    Four-man room 66
    Total accommodation 300 men
    Public Space

Mess  room,  meeting  room,  offices,  lounge, prayer  room,  gym,  helicopter waiting  room, library, change room, cinema


Diameter of helideck is 22.2m, suitable for landing Sikorsky S-92 or equivalent.

Deck Load
    Main deck (living quarter) 2.4 t/m2 492 lbs/ft2
    Main deck 5.0 t/m2 1,024 lbs/ft2
    Main deck (free deck area, Fr.30~53,
12.44m (P/S))
7.5 t/m2 1,536 lbs/ft2
    Lower deck 2.4 t/m2 492 lbs/ft2
    Bottom 3 t/m2 614 lbs/ft2
    01 Level 1.2 t/m2 246 lbs/ft2
    Levels 02,03,04 (each) 0.7 t/m2 143 lbs/ft2
    Top deck 0.7 t/m2 143 lbs/ft2
    Helicopter deck load In compliance with Sikorsky S-92 helicopter
  Fuel Oil Capacity: 425.1 m3 112,300 gal
  Fresh Water Capacity: 984.6 m3 260,104 gal
  Ballast Water Capacity: 2,310 m3 610,237 gal
  Em’cy sewage water tank: 51.06 m3 13,489 gal
  Seawater reservoir: 322.69 m3 85,246 gal
  Dirty oil tank: 12.77 m3 3,373 gal
  Bilge water tank: 12.77 m3 3,373 gal
Power Station
  Main Generators set (4):
    Model Caterpillar C32
    Capacity: 830 kW 50Hz 3fAC400V
  Emergency Generator(1):
    Capacity: 250 kW 50 Hz 3fAC400V
Propulsion System
    Main Engines Capacity: 1760kW @ 1000rpm (2)
    Rudder propeller Capacity: 1600kW @ 1000rpm (2)
    Bow thruster: 80kN @ 600kW abt. (1)
Main Crane
  Make/Model: Caterpillar C18 / Deisel / 465 kW / 1800 r/min
    Main Hook Aux. Hook
  Safety Working Load: Max 200t 10t
  Hoisting Speed: 4m/min 60m/min
  Max. Working Radius: 40m 43m
  Min. Working Radius: 9.5m 10.5m
  Hoisting Height: 70m 75m
  Time Of Luff: 180s  
  Angle Of Luff: +15°~ +81°  
  Slewing Speed (With No Load): 0 ~ 0.5r/min  
  Max. Angle Of Slewing 360°  

Auxiliary crane

  Make/Model: Y280S-4-H 85kW, Y280M-4-H         110kW
Electric Source: AC 400V, 50Hz, 3P, IP56
    Main Hook Aux. Hook
  Safety Working Load: Max 200t 3t
  Hoisting Speed: 21m/min 60m/min
  Max. Working Radius: 30m 33m
  Min. Working Radius: 5.6m 6.8m
  Hoisting Height: 54m 54m
  Time Of Luff: 140s  
  Slewing Speed (With No Load): 0 ~ 0.5 r/min  
  Max. Angle Of Slewing 270°  
Lifesaving Equipment
  Lifeboat (4) 150P each  
  Fast rescue boat (1) =20kn (3P); =8kn (10P)  
  Life raft Twelve(12) - 25P each, crane carrying type life rafts
Six(6) - 25P, throw over type life rafts
Fresh Water Maker (2) 40m3/day each 10,566 gal/day each
Submersible Pump (3 sets) 400m3/hr each 10,566 gal/day each
Navigation Equipment
  GPS, Magnetic compass, Echo sounder, X band radar, AIS, Speedlog, Gyro compass (2), Aerovane instrument (2), Window wiper (4), SSAS
DP System
  DP control station (2), IJS control station, DGPS, RADIUS, MRU, Gyro compass (2), Anemometer (2)
Radio Equipment
  MF/HF (DSC), Mini-C, VHF radio telephone, with DSC (2), VHF radio telephone, without DSC (2), NAVTEX receiver, Two-way VHF telephone (6), EPIRB, SART (6), Airband fixed VHF transceiver, VHF AM telephone (portable), NDB, Helideck monitoring system (HMS), Fleet broad band system (FBB)
Inner Communication System
  Public address system, General alarm system, Sound powered telephone, Engineer call alarm system, Satellite TV system (main unit & antenna excluded), Local area network (LAN) system, Emergency telegraph (2), Hospital call alarm, CCTV system (2)
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