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1000-tonne Sheer Leg Crane

1000-tonne Sheer Leg Crane

The Crane Barge Class Society and Notation is RINA (Expired). Owner can guide on costs and works to reactivate the vessel. The barge is 72.42 m in length (237-ft) and has a breadth of 30.0 m (98-ft). The main hoist is 2x500 tons = 1000 Ton. Horizontal distance between hull edge and hoist C.L. = 21 m, Hoist's eight above sea level = 53 m and Hoist speed = 1 m/min. Main engines are 2 diesel Shinko S 818S with total power of 1450bhp.

The main and secondary hoisting systems are operated from remote control room, where there are located: switches board, control panel with levers, electronics load indicators, hydraulic pressure gauges for main, secondary and servo Hydraulic-oil systems

Location: Mediterranean
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Technical Details

  Built Year / Place: 1972 / Japan
  Hull Material: steel
  Flag: Italy
  Class Society and Notation: RINA Expired
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length OA: 72.42 m 237.6-feet
  Breadth: 30.0 m 98.4-feet
  Depth: 5.3 m 17.4-feet
  NT / GT:
1110 / 3703  
Machinery & Propulsion
  Main Engine: 2 x diesel Shinko S 818S
  Engine Power: 1081 kW 1450 bhp
  Main Propulsion System: twin screw  
  Auxiliary engine(s): 1 KW , caterpillar 170 hp,1 X 250
  Lifting Capacity: 1000 tons  
  Main Hoist: 2x500 tons = 1000 Ton SWL, Horizontal distance between hull edge and hoist C.L. = 21 m, Hoist's eight above sea level = 53 m, Hoist speed = 1 m/min
  Secondary Hoist: 1x 200 ton SWL, Horizontal distance between hull edge and hoist C.L. 0 26 m, Hoist's eight above sea level = 61 m, Hoist speed = 2m/min.
Tank Capacities
  Ballast: 3.538 m3 935 gal
  Fresh Water: 137 m3 36,191 gal
Hoisting and Warping Hydraulic Systems
    The 2 main diesel generators driving via 2 reduction-gear boxes SHINKO-ZOKI: 9 Hydraulic pumps EBARA OHS 32-9F for winches systems, 2 Hydraulic pumps EBARA PLB
3055 for brakes and servo-control systems
Winches for Main 500 Ton Hoist
    2 winches type HAKODATE driven by 4 hyd. motors EBARA OHM 105 FSE, 1+1 drum with a capacity of 1400 m diam 50mm steel wire rope, Blocks: ASAHI with 22
    On the upper floor of superstructure: 1 one berth cabin with sanitary and shower room, 3 one berth cabin. On main deck accommodations: 6x1 berth cabin; 2x2 berths cabin. Large mess room, galley, store-room, sanitary and showers room, laundry and deck store Air-conditioning: fully air-conditioned, temperatures as per ISO standards (heated an cooled)
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