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300-tonne Jack Up Barge, Working Depth 13.4 m

300-tonne Jack Up Barge, Working Depth 13.4 m

Available for charter. The Jack Up Barge has a working depth up to 13.4 m. Available deck space is 385m2 and a deck load up to 15T/m2. The barge has 4 spuds each with a length of 28 m and a max.elevation height of 18 m. Light displacement is 420 T and max displacement is 739 T.

Location: Mediterranean

Available for charter

Technical Details

  Hull Material: Steel
  Flag: France
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length: 30.50 m 100-ft
  Breadth: 19.00 m 62.34-ft
  Depth: 2.13 m 7-ft
1.40 m 4.6-ft
  Light Displacement:
420 T 463 tons
  Max. Displacement:
739 T 814.6 tons
  Payload: 319 T 351.6 tons
  Available Area: 385 m2 460.5 yd2
  Deck Load: 15 T/m2 16.5 ton/yd2
Spuds (4)
  Length (each): 28.0 m 92-ft
  Max Elevated Height: 18.0 m 59-ft
Lifting Platform is designed to withstand conditions
  Water-Depth: 13.43 m 44.06-ft
  Penetration: 1.0 m 3.28-ft
  Clearance: 1.2 m 3.94-ft
  Wave Height: 1.0 m 3.28-ft
  Wave Height for survival: 6.0 m 19.7-ft
  Wave Period: 10 s  
  Current: 1.5 m/s  
  Wind speed: 48 km/h  
  Wind speed for survival: 73 km/h  
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