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210 Class Self-Propelled Jack Up Rig w/ DP2

210 Class Self-Propelled Jack Up Rig w/ DP2

The high performance, four legged, self-propelled, DP2 and self-elevating, multi-purpose jack-up unit has been designed to the requirements of ABS rules and regulations. It's Classification Society and Notation is ABS (Maltese cross) A1 Self-Elevating Unit + AMS + DPS-2. This vessel can undertake field moves and positioning for jacking operations without any tug assistance.

Location: China

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USD 77,500,000
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USD 77,500,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built: 2017
  Classification Society: ABS (Maltese cross) A1 Self Elevating Unit + AMS + DPS-2
  Length: 69.5 m 228 feet
  Beam: 44 m 144 feet
  Depth: 5.5 m 18 feet
  Inner-Bottom Depth:: 1.525 m 5 feet
    Standard accommodation is provided for 150 men in 1-man, 2-men and 4-men rooms.
    Has the capacity to upgrade the accommodations up to 300 men.
Legs (4)
  Type: Open Lattice
  Cross Section: Triangular
  Length: 112.2 m 368 feet
Spud Cans (4)
  Bearing Pressure: 43.45 Tonnes / sq.meter 8.9 Kips / sq.foot
Machinery and Propulsion
  Diesel Generators (4):
    Make/Model: Caterpillar / 3512 CHD
    Power @ 1800 RPM: 387.5 kW x 4 520 hp x 4
    Total Voltage: 690 V
    Total Frequency: 60 Hz
  Azimuthing Thrusters (4):
    Power: 746 kW x4 1,000 hp x 4
    Location: 4 corners
    Driven By: Rig's Main Power and VFD
  DP2 Control and Navigation Systems
    Make: Kongsberg
    Self-Propulsion Speed (in calm weather): 5 knots
Tank Capacities
  Fuel Oil: 668 cubic meters 874 cubic yards
  Potable Water: 680 cubic meters 889 cubic yards
  Ballast: 1,380 cubic meters 1,805 cubic yards
  Brine: 208 cubic meters 272 cubic yards
  Base Oil: 208 cubic meters 272 cubic yards
  Buffer Tank: 416 cubic meters 544 cubic yards
Cranes (3)
  Location: STBD AFT

Pedestal Mounted, Electric-Hydraulic Crane

    Make/Model: API / 2C 7th Edition
    Boom: 42.67 m 140 feet
    Capacity @ 10 m (33 feet) Radius: 220 Tonnes
    Capacity @ 20 m (66 feet) Radius: 140 Tonnes
    Capacity @ 27.5 m (90 feet) Radius: 60 Tonnes
    Lifting Speed: 0-20 m per minute 0-66 feet per minute
  Location: PORT

Pedestal Mounted, Electric-Hydraulic Crane

    Make/Model: API / 2C 7th Edition
    Boom: 36.57 m 120 feet
    Capacity: 50 Tonnes
    Capacity @ 24.4 m (80 feet) Radius: 30 Tonnes
  Location: STBD
    Type: Pedestal Mounted, Electric-Hydraulic Crane
    Make/Model: API / 2C 7th Edition
    Boom: 36.57 m 120 feet
    Capacity: 30 Tonnes
    Capacity @ 30.48 m (100 feet) Radius: 8 Tonnes (Off-Board)
Deck Loads
  Main Deck (Some Areas): 10 Tonnes per sq. meter 2,048 lbs. per sq. foot
  Main Deck (All Other Areas): 5 Tonnes per sq. meter 1,024 lbs. per sq. foot
  Quarters' Deck: 0.45 Tonnes per sq. meter 92.16 lbs. per sq. foot
Jacking System
  Make/Model: Siemens / P2PA21
  Pinions: 48
  Capacity: 200 Tonnes per pinion, 0.46 m / min speed
Design Storm Survival Environment
  Maximum Wave Height: 10.06 m 33 feet
  Corresponding Wave Period: 12 seconds
  Maximum Wind Velocity (one min. avg.): 51.5 m/s 100 knots
  Current at Surface: 3 knots
  Current at Bottom: 1 knots
  Penetration: 3.05 m 10 feet
Equipment on Deck
  Raw Water Supply - Hose Reels (2)
    Length: 45 m each 150 feet each
    Capacity: 400 cubic meters per hour each
  Sewage Treatment Plant - for processing black & grey water suitable for 150 POB. (Vacuum type toilets)
  Water Maker - 2 x Reverse Osmosis (RO) type Water Makers, 40 m3 / day each for potable water generation
Emergency Equipment
  4 x 75 Men Davit Launched Lifeboats
  1 x 20 MT Emergency Mooring winch with 4.5 MT Anchor, 58 mm diameter, 300 meter wire
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